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Buying an online ticket is not a reservation. Buses are loaded on a first come first served basis.
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General Information in Berks & Lehigh Counties, PA


Bieber Transportation Group cannot assume responsibility for inconvenience, expense or damage resulting from errors in timetables or failure to make connections. Bieber is not responsible for formulating policies regarding rules, regulations and fares beyond their own company. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you an available seat on a specific scheduled run.


Online Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read the Online Terms and Conditions before purchasing an online ticket for more information. Requests for refunds for all other ticket types must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase including commuter books. There will be a 10% service charge on the original ticket price including commuter books. An extended expiration period of 3 business days is given on 30-trip and 40-trip books. Tickets will not be accepted if detached. Valid partially used round-trip tickets will be redeemed at the difference between the fare paid and the service performed at the one-way fare. If coupons from your commuter book are remaining and are not expired they may be refunded following the formula of 10% service fee off the total price of the book and then each coupon that was used will be deducted from that balance at the regular one-way rate (not the reduced fare). Commuter tickets must match the passenger ID to board. Bieber Transportation Group and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Please realize you are receiving a significant discount purchasing the commuter books and the company appreciates your loyalty.


Bieber Transportation Group does not check baggage. However, for passenger convenience, baggage will be transported in the baggage compartment when accompanied by passengers. Only hand baggage can be carried on board and must be accompanied by passengers. Because of space limitations, we must limit each passenger to one (1) suitcase and one (1) carry-on. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each additional bag. The maximum weight limit is 50 lbs per bag. All other parcels containing baggage items must be properly paid for and ticketed according to Bieber Transportation Group regulations. We will not accept plastic bags. Bicycles, with the front wheel removed, will be placed in the baggage compartment and transported for a $5.00 fee.


Tariff regulations call for the following regarding the transportation of children:
(1) One child, under the age of 2, when accompanied by an adult paying the full adult fare will be carried free so long as they will not occupy a seat to the exclusion of another paying passenger.
(2) Children, ages 2 thru 11, will be charged a reduced fare of the regular adult fare when accompanied by an adult paying a full fare.
(3) Maximum of 2 children at the reduced fare allowed per adult ticket (see section 2).
(4) All Children, 12 years of age and older, will be charged the full adult fare


Bieber Transportation Group is not responsible for articles left in coaches or terminals. Articles found will be held at the Kutztown office for up to thirty (30) days.


Online Tickets are good only for the name, origin, date, time and run printed on the ticket. Tickets purchased at the Academy bus window in the Port Authority building are valid as follows: One way tickets are valid for two (2) weeks. Round Trip tickets are valid for one (1) month. One way tickets and round trip tickets issued by Bieber will be limited to three hundred sixty-five (365) days in addition to date of sale. Commuter books are good for the passenger’s name listed only and must be used within 30 days of date purchased.

Online Ticket Use:

Online tickets must be printed prior to boarding. There are no provisions to print tickets or scan mobile devices at pick up locations. Passengers arriving without a printed online ticket will be required to show the boarding pass on a mobile device, complete a “No Printed Ticket “ form and pay a $5.00 service fee.

Passenger Courtesy

In order to provide passengers with friendly
Service, we request the following:
1. No smoking on the bus, which includes the restroom.
2. Passengers are required to turn CELL PHONE RINGERS OFF and speak in soft voice levels and keep usage to a minimum.
3. Personal radios and/or CD players may only be played if headsets are used and volumes kept to a minimum as to not be heard by other passengers.
4. Please keep conversation to a minimum during early morning runs prior to 7AM so passengers can rest.
5. Interim stops are for boarding/departure only, NOT A REST STOP. Printed times are scheduled departure time.
6. Pets are not permitted. Only Service Animals that meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act are permitted while traveling with a passenger.
7. Please gather all personal items, including your trash, before exiting the coach.
8. Extra sections are at the sole determination of Bieber Transportation Group and are based on equipment availability at the time and the number of passengers not accommodated. Extra sections are not used when schedule departure times are on 30 minute intervals.